Website Support Services

Ongoing support is valuable, especially since many new website owners lack the skills or time to perform important tasks that need to be completed after a website is launched. Running a business can be tough. You donțt need on top of that extra headaches relate to your web presence. We may become your trusted advisor and one stop resource: we are offering free consultation time included with most of our packages for our clients to call and ask for advice. Or, alternatively, we are offering these consultations independently of these, based on a flexible rate.

WordPress and Joomla are among the most popular Content Management Systems (CMSs). They have also become popular for malicious actors, as cybercriminals target sites on these platforms for hacking and injecting malicious content. The most well-known threats to CMS sites are the result of vulnerabilities introduced by outdated core, poorly written, unmaintained plugins, themes, and extensions. For many websites, especially those based on a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla!, regular updates are a fact of life. If you own a site based on Joomla or Wordpress you need regularly check these sites for vulnerabilities, and keep them up to date. Clicking on the update button is easy, but understanding the process and being able to deal with the unpredictable is hard. You might have no clue how to update a site’s core software, such as a CMS like Joomla or WordPress, or how to test and improve the site over time. Most likely you have no idea how to stage a change before taking it live or reverse an update that sends things awry. And this is the moment when we are coming into picture: we can take off this from your shoulders and keep your sites in top shape.

Hosting your site is also an important factor of your sitețs lyfecicle. You donțt need to be a hosting expert to do it with majority of hosting providers today. But still you may factor time into your plans for investigation and resolution of issues. The scope of what you can cover with technical support (e.g., domain issues, hosting, Joomla/WordPress core, themes, plugins) will depend on what you’re comfortable with. Better call us to deal with these issues - we have the time and expertise, and, ultimately we are also offering our hosting services too.

And then there’s security — hackers love to deface websites for no other reason than because they can. Site security is a huge problem for poorly maintained sites everywhere. Secure setup and ongoing monitoring is valuable for small businesses that can’t afford to manage it on their own. Even if you as the site owner have the skills to deal with these things, you might not have the time. We have both.

Joomla-friendly Hosting Services

LeftBrain HostingJoomla-friendly hosting - boost your site with the proper hosting package

Registered Joomla Security Services providerIf you need reliable hosting with a human being you can talk to if something goes awry, via our Left Brain Hosting service we are offering a variety of packages to meet your needs. The main focus is to offer to our customers a convenient solution - an one-stop shop - a single place to handle all of their web-related needs. So the focus is not on money-making, but offering a quality service, personalized, tailored for each customer specific needs. If you're tired of trying to track down the right person for the job, stop right now. With experience spanning more, than three decades we can get you past the run around, get you up and running and keep you going with as little or as much support as you need. With a pragmatic approach, and refreshingly straightforward pricing, we'll have you up and running in less time than many firms out there are putting together a proposal meant mainly to make your head spin. You don't need to shop around for the domain name, hosting package, site building, development, maintenance, SEO, social media, security, audit, de-hacking services, you get them all in one place.

Joomla-friendly means literally a hosting tuned to best support Joomla - our main development focus, and our top expertise. But we are hosting other CMS-es too, Drupal, WordPress, Typo-3, simple HTML sites - and even simple, one page raw PHP sites too. The key emphasis there is not the technology used, but the human relations behind: we are hosting almost exclusively sites we built, we contributed to, or at least sites of people we have excellent business relationship with. We are proud of the passion-driven service we offer, the quality of our output, the quality of our working relationships with one another, and work/life balance. Of course, we need to put bread on the table, on every day, but if we're not helping improve your quality of work life and maintaining and improving our own, what's the point, really?


Our affiliate system was set up with nonprofits in mind: if you are a NGO with a site below 300MB footprint, you can have a free hosting at our server via our affiliate system by referring us 2-3 clients (depending the hosting packages they use).

The payments they make will partially or fully finance your hosting account. The basic affiliate commission is 10%, and is recurring – from all payments made by the referred clients you got 10% granted during the contracted period for the new accounts.

We can also provide support and services for your existing hosting environment if all you really need is an occasional hand dealing with technical issues and/or strategic decisions. These services cover various areas, from support in decisions, web hosting/website related consultancy to site building, site defence, cleaning and sanitizing, SEO services, etc.

If you need reliable hosting with a human being you can talk to if something goes awry,

WordPress Support Services

wordpress-support-servicesWordPress Support Contract from €60.00 per month (€1.97 per day)

Although WordPress is an easy-to-use, popular and reliable CMS it is very important, for the safety of your web site to keep it constantly updated. Most hacked WordPress websites are a result of WordPress core, template or plugins not being kept up to date. Our WordPress starter contract cover the essentials to keep your website up to date and to have an affordable support retained:

We do not limit the number of updates installed each month to WordPress or covered templates/plugins*.

WordPress support contract customers can use their support minutes in the following areas:

  • General website help and support
  • Content updates and creating new pages
  • Search engine optimization
  • Template tweaks
  • Creating contact forms
  • Selecting extensions
  • Installing and configuring extensions
  • Installing and configuring modules
  • Changes to menus
  • Consultancy and advise

Support contracts are for a specific website and are for a minimum of 12 months. Unused support time can be used in the next month only, being basically a form of support retainer: you can be sure that anytime during our business hours you can use the prepaid time you have in your contract, having priority over other customers. Contracts can be negotiated to contain more services/more retained support time, or you can use our Pay-as-you-go WordPress support to add extra support time to your contract as needed.

Contract covers only free/Open Source addons and commercial components for whom the client has valid licenses, or which are covered by developer licences owned by us.

Joomla Site Dehacking

Your website has been hacked? We're here to help!Registered Joomla Security Services providerYour website has been hacked? Do you see something else, than last time when you visit the site? Maybe a red "Reported Attack Page" banner? Anything else making you believe that something wrong is happened? Do you need post-hacking recovery? Or you just want to prevent this from happening and need a thoughtful Joomla security audit? Eventually you ordered our Joomla security audit package, and we (or someone else) signaled, that your site is (probably) hacked and you need a fast and effective cleanup?

WordPress Security Updates

Wordpress-Update WordPress hacking is becoming an increasing problem, and is affecting thousands of websites daily – many site owners are not even aware they’ve been hacked.

To ensure that you don’t become a victim to hackers, we are now offering a security package that will make your site almost impenetrable to hackers!

If you do not have the time, the interest or the knowledge to keep your web site updated, you can subscribe to a “WordPress Security Update*” plan with us for just 300 € (approx. 333 USD) per year. Our team will keep your website (both WordPress and add-ons) updated for you reducing the possibility of attack from hackers. For further information or for a quotation on the effective cost of this operation contact us using the form in the “Contact Us” section.

Unlimited WordPress Updates (for 1 year) - Whenever there is a new update to WordPress we will log-in to your site and upgrade to the new version. On average, a minor update to WordPress is released every couple of weeks or so.

Unlimited Plugin Updates (for 1 year) - We will also keep all your plugins up-to-date. Everytime we update WordPress we will also update any plugins that have new versions.

Unlimited Theme Updates - For those that have a Theme framework (Such as WooThemes) that is regularly updated, we will update your Theme framework whenever a new version is released. These frameworks are updated more than once a month on average.

Free & Unlimited Hack & Security Support (for 1 year) - If, somehow, your WordPress installation still gets hacked, we will not charge anything to fix the problem.

While no one can guarantee you won't be hacked in the future, our WordPress Security Update service helps reduce the risk of future attacks, and helps you recover faster (and less expensively) if one ever does occur.

Keep your site clean, up and running with minimal effort!

* The WordPress Security Update pagkage covers only upgrades WITHIN the existing WordPress major versions. If a new WordPress major version will be released, wich will need a partial or total rebuild of the site, this package will not cover that migration. Same applies for your plugins and themes, if these will need more attention, than a regular, standard upgrade, you will need to aquire the services for performing these actions.  If purchase of commercial components will be needed, the price will be added to the final invoice. If you need more services, than those covered by this package, you should consider upgrading to our WordPress Support Services or to use our Pay-as-you-go service.